Gaga Wears A “Spiked, Studded Brazilian” To Sing With Patti LaBelle Post-CFDAs

When Lady Gaga and Patti LaBelle come together, apparently what you get is two very different forms of man repelling. To celebrate Lady Gaga winning the 2011 CFDA Fashion Icon award last night, her stylist, Nicola Formichetti, and editor, V's Stephen Gan, got together with Belvedere to throw her a surprise party at the Boom Boom Room high atop the Standard Hotel. The guest of honor was none other than legendary crooner Patti LaBelle, who serenaded a shocked Gaga with a heartfelt version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow." While LaBelle wore her best first-class airline seat ensemble, Gaga stripped off most of her Thierry Mugler and channeled a Patty O'Green cameo in Saw complete with a sheer bodysuit, green hair, silver dollar-sized pasties, and what looks curiously like a spiked, studded Brazilian. We're not sure if Patti LaBelle is crying in joy or pain—and whether Gerard Butler just copped a feel?