Lady Gaga Buys SoulCycle…Kinda

You heard it here first, NYC girls are obsessed with SoulCycle, the ultimate cardio kick set to loud, club-like music. But what keeps girls coming back to early morning classes, paying $34 for 45 minutes of intense, grueling (but fun!) cycling? Aside from the fact that it must work (have you seen these ladies?), it's the pump-up jams, of course! And for one Mama Monster, even a touring schedule won't keep this devotee away from the pedals.
Like any hardcore cycling fan would, Lady Gaga just snagged two, custom-made SoulCycle spin bikes for her Born This Way Ball tour. Forking over $2,200 per bike, she can spin anytime without having to worry about booking in advance. We're sure this hard worker will have no trouble keeping up the motivation while she's away from New York, and with an extra set of wheels on hand, she can even grab a tour buddy to sustain the same SoulCycle "pack-"mentality. We're hoping at least the silent diva won't be sweating to her own music. That's sort of awkward, no? (NY Post)

Photo: Courtesy of New York Post