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Gaga’s Latest Oufit? A Dress Made Of Human Hair


We're still a little sick to our stomachs from Lady Gaga's meat dress that she wore to the MTV Music Awards (wonder if it's drying into jerky in her closet?), and her latest outfit doesn't exactly put us in the mood for lunch. Last night, Gagaloo performed an impromptu concert at the very intimate Oak Room, arriving in a cape made of hair and fishnets that made her look like a cavewoman stripper. The only thing we did love about the #fail was her makeup-free face, which was a pretty and natural refresher from her pancake days. The hairy situation is hot on the heels of her rumored, multi-million dollar contract with Giorgio Armani—if the trickle down effect in fashion is indeed true, we cringe at the thought of what the masses are going to do with all those looks.
(Daily Mail)