Lacoste’s New Polo Bar Won’t Get You Wasted

Long before Countess LuAnn claimed ownership of "Chic, C'est La Vie", René Lacoste was a living emblem of (real) relaxed elegance. Though the Lacoste brand has spread its crocodile scales across 114 countries, there's something about the label that remains synonymous with East Coasters. It's no wonder, then, that on August 1, Lacoste opened up a new flagship store right here on 5th Avenue. Though Lacoste's been around since 1933, it's clear that this store is so 2011. A candy store for all things sportswear, the boutique lets you pick your color confection from one of the 65 vibrant polos at the streamline Polo Bar—just one of the eye-catching concepts on tap. Overwhelmed by the choices? Have one of the Polo Pro bartenders specialists recommend your perfect color and fit. The store also features sportswear from the slimmer-fit, downtown-approved LACOSTE L!VE collection, as well as bright kidswear, footwear, leather goods, and fashion jewelry. And because it's cool like that, the Lacoste 5th Avenue Flagship partnered with Luxury Attaché to provide customers with the VIP services the concierge brand offers to their exclusive real estate and financial clients—booking theater tickets, restaurant reservations, and the like. So, roll on up to that bar and ask for a lime polo. Preferably with a splash of vodka.

Lacoste Fifth Avenue Flagship Store; 608 5th Avenue (at 49th Street); 212-459-2300.