Tuesday Treat: Kristen Bell Goes Looney Tunes Over Sloth Encounter

We've got a sneak peek at today's Ellen show, and it's sure to give you a serious case of the giggles. First of all, we've always thought Veronica Mars Kristen Bell was one of the cutest, most charismatic chicks in Lala land, and this live interview seals the deal.
For the actress' recent 31st birthday, beau Dax Shepard surprised her with a visit from a sloth (apparently in-person interaction with one of these adorably fuzzy creatures is one of her wildest dreams?), which induces a full-on fetal-positioned emotional meltdown that's a MUST see. She's either a) one helluva thespian, b) one of the most dramatic people on the planet, or c) all of the above. Watch her home video, and see what we mean!

Video: Via YouTube.