A Flirtatious *NSYNC Member, $30 Cat-Poo, And A Lohan-Obsessed Tanning Salon Owner

These hangover eats have us completely ready to down an excessive amount of cocktails in less than two minutes—umm, we think that's an excuse to hit up the local pub! (Guest Of A Guest)
Boy-bander Lance Bass was spotted at Soho House with Marc Jacobs' ex-beau Lorenzo Martone. We can't quite put our finger on it, but we find this a tad unsettling. Maybe cuz we love Lozo so much? (New York Daily News)
Beach Bum Tanning Salon owner James Oliver is holding a rally to celebrate Lindsay Lohan's release from jail. We think someone's a little too excited. Oompa Loompa's sure have each others backs though! (Daily Front Row)
Calling all fashionistas: Grab your credit cards because Barneys has just announced the dates of their spring summer warehouse sale! (Elle)
If you thought a $12 cup of coffee was pushing it, check out Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian brew that goes for $30 a mug. And the best part about it—the caffeinated drink is made by roasting the beans eaten and excreted by the cat-like animal called the Civet. That's kinda a fancy way of saying cat poo. (Gothamist)