Kim K Wants To Run For Office — Does She Have Your Vote?

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian (and plenty of people already have), but she and the rest of her fam have parlayed what could’ve easily been a blip in the pop culture radar into a serious business. Between her involvement with various namesake lines including swimsuits, jeans, perfumes, and lingerie — and of course, maybe-dating Kanye West — Kimmie K’s got a lot on her plate, but oh, she's not stopping there.
In an unaired clip from sister Khloe’s reality show, Khloe & Lamar (see above), the baby-voiced starlet reveals that she wants to establish a residence in Glendale so she can run for mayor in “like five years.” Seem crazy? Well, yes and no. Khloe points out that Glendale has an active and vocal Armenian population (whether they'd vote for KK, we're not sure, but she's right: As recently as the 2000 census, the town reported itself to be more than a quarter Armenian). Also, she wouldn't need to win over the general populace. The city doesn’t hold a general election for mayor, instead choosing a figurehead based on nominations and a city council vote.
It’s not as though celebs haven’t held office before. Schwarzenegger was the Governator, Al Franken is a Senator, and Ronald Reagan was President, for goodness sake! Their star personas gave their political residencies clout, interest, and a certain flare for oration (we're thinking a few acting lessons couldn't hurt Mitt Romney...).
So...what do you think? Could Kim actually make this happen? And how do you feel about it? (UsWeekly)