It Begins: Company Capitalizing On Kim Kardashian's Engagement With $3 Million Diamond Watch

So, maybe this isn't exactly an NYC story, but we're giving ourselves some leeway here—after all, it's being reported that Kim Kardashian is moving to Brooklyn (!!!!). Really, what's happening is exactly what we predicted; Let's call it Kim's version of the Kate Middleton effect. PR companies are scrambling to take advantage of Kim's engagement to Kris Humphries (news GQ rightfully had no problem exploiting), and copies of her 20.5 carat sparkler are bound to start flooding the market faster than you can say People cover. Case in point: Hublot's reps got us hooked with the subject line "The 3 Million Dollar Bang: KIM KARDSHIAN's next bling crave." The email contained a picture of said gigantic diamond watch, which wouldn't be out of place in Sex and the City 2; As advertised, it costs $3 million, and consists of 140 carats, 637 baguette diamonds that required 45 gemcutters and 2,000 hours of work by master-gemsetters in the brand's Swiss factory. Apparently, if Kris Humphrey wants to keep Kardashian happy, he needs to buy her this. And, at this rate, Switzerland. In exchange, he gets the bang of his life.

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