Conspiracy Theory: Is Kim K Poaching Other Celebs’ Style On Purpose?

We firmly believe that even without the constant tabloid fodder, the Kardashian Klan would have very little trouble staying relevant in our pop-culture-obsessed community. The fam has gone from a household name to straight-up home invasion with namesake beauty, fashion, and decor lines — not to mention the constant E! reruns. But, the tabs aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and this crew has them wrapped around their little fingers.
The ringleader of the circus, Kimmy, has taken America's obsession with the reality-TV tribe and turned it on its head this summer. Every time we breeze through the checkout aisle, there's another story on the mag rack about the star and her buzzy new beau, Kanye West. The relationship is gossip gold, and we have a hunch that the duo is always prepared to deliver cover-worthy content...especially when it comes to their ensembles.
Most recently, you may have noticed, Kim has been a repeat offender on the Who Wore It Best lists, but it seems she's doing so by jacking the style of our fave fashion heavyweights after they've donned a very specific look. Perhaps we're being a little paranoid, but girlfriend's been spotted in the same duds as tons of celebs like Gwyn, Miranda Kerr, Kate Winslet, and Zoe Saldana. And it ain't just jeans-and-a-tee we're talking about, these are designer dresses by Pucci, Stella McCartney, and Balmain that have already won their original wearer sartorial accolades.
So, we're wondering given her notorious media strategizing, is the string of similar wares a well-plotted plan by the publicity shark, or just a high fashion koinky-dink?