Keeping Up With The Ecclestones: All About L.A.’s Nouveau Socialite Sisters

Meet Petra And Tamara Ecclestone. The Formula One racing heiresses have descended upon L.A., making headlines by snapping up Candy Spelling’s over-the-top mansion—Petra called the $85 million manse a “good investment,” and proclaimed they look up to—and want to be the next—Paris and Nicky Hilton. And while we may know where they live and what their net worth is, we don’t necessarily know a lot about the sisters Ecclestone and what they do while they’re in our fair city. Thankfully, PopSugar City is on the case. While the answers certainly aren’t groundbreaking for the super-rich-yet-questionably-tasteful set (think: Birkin-toting trips to Kitson, BOA, and the Kardashian-approved Geary’s in Beverly Hills), we do have the sneaking suspicion that these two aren’t going anywhere, so why not acquaint yourself with SoCal’s newest in-your-face socialite siblings?

Photo, courtesy of PopSugarCity.