There's Evidence To Suggest Taylor Swift & Katy Perry's Feud Is Totally Fake

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If you're following the alleged Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud, you already know that the former's latest track, "Swish Swish" is feeding into the narrative that the "I Kissed A Girl" songstress cannot stand the 1989 mogul — and that the feeling is very much mutual.
However, while we could analyze lyrics and tweets until the day the pair's mutual ex John Mayer finally settles down, we may have been looking at the wrong thing this whole time.
Thanks to an amazing Buzzfeed investigation, it now seems plausible that Perry and Swift are hardly the enemies they appear. In fact, they may even be friends.
Shocking, I know — but, just as Perry claims to have in her new track, Buzzfeed has the receipts.
As any pop culture-savvy human knows, the alleged falling-=out between the two pop stars began when Perry allegedly hired dancers from Swift's Red tour to join her own tour. After a series of Twitter shots at the others' behalf, the real drama came when Swift released her track "Bad Blood" and alluded in her now-iconic Rolling Stone interview that it was about Perry. Perry then warned her followers on Twitter to "watch out for a Regina George in sheep's clothing."
Yet, in between all of this drama, there's one thing that the two have never done, even as of today. Buzzfeed points out that they've never unfollowed one another on Twitter, even though Swift unfollowed the backup dancers who jumped ship for Perry's tour.
Am I the only one who thinks that's insane? Nope. Not even close.
There are a few possible options here. The first is that they are both passive-aggressively following one another on Twitter so they can catch the other's subtweet before the rest of the world does. (Ha, good luck.) The other, much better option is that they are actually low-key best friends who would much rather have the world talk about their feud than their love lives.
Personally, I'm just waiting for a Kylie Jenner/Blac Chyna-esque mirror selfie that reveals they've been "best friends the whole time." Isn't it time that these two excused themselves from this narrative? I mean, like, this is exhausting.

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