Katy Perry’s “Cubist Period” VMA Look

We always expect something over-the-top from the VMAs, but since Gaga kept it consistent with her Joe Calderone look (sadly, she didn’t capture the drama of last year’s meat dress), the wackiest outfit award has to go to Katy Perry. Not only did she wear three different looks, but they also each had some high-fashion cred. First, she rocked a Harajuku-inspired Atelier Versace dress (with a parasol, no less), then she slipped into a Cubist-esque Christian Dior getup (with what looked like Green Bay Packers cheese-hat fascinator), and in-between, donned a Tom Ford purple lace dress. Did you love any of her VMA ensembles, or did the Moonman-winner’s outfits leave you cold?