Weird: Katy Perry And John Mayer Are Making Each Other Dress Better

When it comes to the did-they/didn't-they nature of John Mayer and Katy Perry's relationship, we're not nearly as fascinated with their coupledom status as we are with their fashion choices. For us, the tabloid news of what's going on beneath the sheets is trumped by the situation above them — so, we're calling this duo simpatico... at least, sartorially. Case in point: Last night, the pop star celebrated beau John Mayer's birthday in New York, looking sublimely natural, sweet, and, dare we say it, demure. Once upon a time, Katy Perry might have celebrated by emerging from a giant cake, wearing something spinning, pyrotechnic, or edible as a bra. But gone is that KP, and in her place is an immaculately groomed, gorgeously coiffed gal with her spiffy bow-tie bedecked beau. (Again, that hair! No wonder GHD loves her so much.) Whatever weird style chemicals are being exchanged here, it seems like it's toning down both of their outfit choices, no napalm required.
While we'll always have room for some "California Gurls"-era KP, this vintage-inspired look is just working, and while we have never quite pegged Mayer as a fashion pro, his ensemble seems to be low-key enough that the bow-tie is quirky, not overbearing. The retro nature of both of their choices is complementary, not matchy-matchy. And, Perry appears to be taken the advice of smart moms everywhere and matches her bag to her shoes. Bam. Regardless of their psychical/emotional compatibility, the status of which Star rattles on about ad nauseum ("They won't last!"), we think that the couple that makes each other dress better together, stays together.