Kate Middleton Wears A $76,000 Necklace…Sooo Why Isn't It Flashier?

When you're going to drop, say, $76,895 on a piece of jewelry, wouldn't you want to make sure that it's a beautiful, can't-live-without-it, statement piece (and not statement in the I have a lot of money HAHAHAHA way). Kate Middleton was photographed at the National Portrait Gallery today wearing a blue Stella McCartney dress that provided the background for a Cartier Trinity necklace, which rings in online for £49,000 ($76,895 at current exchange rate).Touted for her high-low style, Kate should probably have paired the necklace with a plastic grocery bag-turned-clutch to maintain the balance.
We're not saying that the Cartier necklace is anything short of beautiful (It is! And we think that it's probably — definitely — more stunning and impressive up close), but we think that the aesthetic stakes are a little higher when the bill is nearly double the average person's yearly salary.
May we suggest this Cartier necklace for next time? Half the price and with dripping florals, no less! Or, this? A sensational string of pearls, and diamonds, and white gold … for $30,000 less! And, to the naysayers out there who suspect this is a very kind gift from Cartier themselves — Grazia checked, and it isn't. That's definitely one way to treat yourself. (Grazia)
Photo: Via Grazia

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