This Is Like Creating Your Own Custom Emoji On A Handbag

We'd like to believe that it's our entire wardrobe that speaks to our personality, even if just in the abstract sense. But, Kara Ross took a literal approach to sartorial self-identifying with her latest #MyPurseonality handbag collection. The New York accessories designer has created a few distinct characters for the debut of her new line of luxury purses, but she’s also made it possible for everyone to personalize their own. Essentially, these are bags intended to help you fashion your own unique emoji.

Starting with a few strong personalities like The Panda, The Mogul, and The Emoji Master (you might know it better as "the smiling poop"), Ross released the first batch of handbags earlier this month. This past week, though, she debuted the customization tool, which allows shoppers to build carryalls that best represent their specific POV. While it’s certainly an inventive way of letting you wear your emoticon on your sleeve, this tool provides an impressive, smart, simple way to build a handbag — from leather color to lip shape (or lack thereof) — that's tailored to your taste.

Of course, should any of the preexisting types of handheld characters in the slides ahead — or in the #MyPurseonality quiz — hit the mark, feel free to skip the customization step. Otherwise, go ahead and craft your own

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