Kanye West Refuses To Drink Out Of A "Girlie" Martini Glass

You'd think Kanye West, who prides himself on knowing the difference between Balmain and Balenciaga, has a more fluid definition of masculinity than guys who channel Charlie Sheen's look (read Hawaiian shirts) on Two and a Half Men. The singer, who often matches his kicks to his scarf, and carries Goyard suitcases, was spotted at Soho hot restaurant Niko ordering a fruity drink that came in a martini glass. According to The New York Post , "within seconds of receiving his drink, [West] called over the waiter to change up his glass." Also in the restaurant were Leah & Bliss handbag designers Mona Leah and Tara Bliss, who tweeted at Ye: "What was up with those martini glasses . . . good call sending it back." Because, really, there's nothing manlier than a Celine blouse.

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