Style Snob Kanye Is Tweeting About How Much He Hates Your Clothes

Like a kindergartner sipping on that haterade, almost every tweet from Kanye this past Cinco de Mayo began with "I hate…," going as far as "detest." Little harsh?
Always ready to put anyone on blast, Kanye's infamous Twitter rants attacked all things sartorial, with some beauty and body disputes thrown in for good measure. This week, the self-appointed style guru spotted a few things while driving through the city that rubbed him the wrong way: hoods with sport coats, khaki cargo shorts, "big ass" striped scarves, "long ass" sideburns. Okay, we get it Kanye. It ain't easy seeing things that irk you, but c'mon, if you don't have anything nice to say...
Instantaneous criticism bereft of context makes it easy for anyone to agree (or not) and ride the high horse. But, in the grand scheme of things, does the King of Rants have what it takes to become the next influential style snob simply by tweeting? Or, does he just need anger management and a new social media consultant (Kim K anyone?) to to teach him how to connect to his 7 million followers? Maybe 'Ye should just take a cue from his pint-sized competition before he goes on any more sartorial rants.
Click through to read all of Kanye's whining musings on what you're wearing that's making him mad...again. (Styleite)
Photo: Via Styleite