Kanye’s Givenchy Is Not Exactly Part Of The 99%

Maybe Kanye was a bit confused about Occupy Wall Street, or maybe he's perplexed about how the 99% spend their cash-flow, because they certainly don't get down with almost $400 Givenchy shirts. The rap star sported the designer threads with new gold teeth as he breezed by the protest with (designer/zen-master/ spokesman?) Russell Simmons, before shopping a little further uptown with baby-expectant BFFs Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Intermix in Soho. Ye's conspicuous consumption right after joining the protesters is a little ironic, but according to Simmons, Kanye's impromptu OWS appearance was not about making a "statement", which we guess is a good thing given that we have no idea what that statement would be and it's nice to see that he's supporting the cause. Perhaps the singer will elucidate—we just heard West will be performing at the Victoria's Secret fashion show on November 29. Throwing half-naked ladies into this mixed message mix is not confusing or anything. (The Fader and Huffington Post)