Why A Jumpsuit Could Change Everything (So Here's How To Do It Right)

Even if you were wary of jumpsuits when they re-entered the style scene a few seasons ago, it’s definitely time to throw caution to the wind and truly embrace the trend. Whether you need a new date-night outfit or are looking to update your casual look, jumpsuits in everything from sexy silk to utilitarian cotton will quickly become your year-round wardrobe staple. Striking the right balance in style and fit is a tricky one — but when you get it right, it’s so right. The first step? Repeat after us: You will not look like a mechanic (especially if you wear it with heels). Step two? You've got to pick the right one. To make sure you take full advantage of one of the best sartorial creations we have seen in a while, follow the tips below.
Why You Need It: For those days (and nights) when you crave the comfort of pants but don’t have the energy to fuss about a full ensemble, there’s nothing better than a jumpsuit.
Non-Negotiables: A jumpsuit should extend at least down to your ankles. Leave the super-cropped, capri-length versions for The Babysitter's Club.
The Dud-Versus-Daaamn Distinction: Fit is paramount. In any style, your jumpsuit shouldn’t be tight. The power of the piece doesn’t come from looking like Catwoman; channel a looser, more effortless vibe. With a dressy jumpsuit, focus on your waistline, making sure it nips in at the smallest part of your body and gives the illusion of two pieces, with the ease of one. With a more casual option, look for a slouchy fit — one we can only liken to your favorite boyfriend jeans.
How Much To Invest: Since a jumpsuit is an all-in-one outfit, you can rationalize spending a bit more on one than you would on, say, a single top or pair of pants. Think about how much you tend to spend on a dress, and go from there. (That being said, if you’ve never tried a jumpsuit before, we suggest picking up a less-expensive option first; make sure you love the trend before making a full-on investment.)
Brands That Do Well: As affordable options go, Zara and Topshop have a range of one-pieces. If you’re ready to spend a little bit more, look to Diane von Furstenberg and A.L.C. Ready for a true splurge? Few have mastered the jumpsuit quite like Valentino.
DIY Potential: On the low side. If you’re not a fashion student or super handy with a sewing machine, you’re better off shopping.
Thrifting Potential: Rising. It’s rare that you will find a true vintage jumpsuit, but as the seasons pass, we find more and more options on the thrift store racks.
Shopping Hacks: While online shopping, use the words jumpsuit, romper, coveralls, and overalls. You'll be surprised how the lines blur on retail websites; a style you may define by one word falls into a different category elsewhere.
Go The Extra Mile: Look for a jumpsuit that is made of an interesting fabric. It could be utilitarian coveralls that are made of flannel, or a silk romper that's two-toned or has a lapel like a tuxedo. At the end of the day, the smallest extra detail goes a long way. Bonus Styling Tip: Add an unexpected element when you style a jumpsuit. If you opt for the coveralls style, roll up the hem to ankle-length and slip your feet into your favorite stilettos. Prefer jumpsuits of the dressier variety? Add your own belt — anything from leather to a shoestring.

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