35 Super-New Style Ideas That Might Change Everything

We don't mean to get melodramatic with the headline, but they might. Everyone has those catalysts that shove their style onto a new path. Maybe it was the first time you saw that image of Kate Moss sitting front-row at Fashion Week that caused you to dress exclusively in high-waisted, wide-legged pants all fall. Or, there was that Miu Miu fashion show that had you rethinking your hatred against all things pink…and now it's your favorite color. It could be as simple as a small, styling trick or as all-encompassing as a new vibe, but when inspiration hits, it can hit hard: Everything is different afterward.
We're not saying you're going to find it here, but with all the genius, game-changing, paradigm-shifting trends and looks on the runway this season, there's a very good chance you might. We've been clipping the looks that made us think about how we approach our own style, and we're here to share 35 maybe-moves to consider. Fashion people, welcome to the first day of the new you.

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