What To Buy At Journelle With $50 Or Less

In the sticky summer months, it’s important to feel good on the inside, since the humidity won't do you any favors on the outside. All of the happiness that might come from a new dress quickly dissipates in the heat. To counteract this, we recommend you pick up some flirty undergarments: Not everyone will see them, but at least you'll know that you’ve got something special on. Plus, if your #OOTD has a sheer, backless, or otherwise revealing component to it, something lacy and/or colorful underneath will only amp up the look. But don't limit yourself to just the top — underwear is also important. Lighter fabrics such as lace will help to keep you cool, but fun colors will keep you cool.
Now, we know a seasonal update can add up. Luckily enough, though, we found 20 stunning pieces from luxury lingerie destination Journelle that ring in at under $50 each. Trust us, it's worth it.