The Best Bra & Dress Pairings You'll Want To Show Off

We've shed layer after layer since the flowers have started blooming. It hasn't been warm long enough to complain about the heat — and don't worry, we're not about to start. But we do miss some of the stylistic creativity that results from having to pair dissonant pieces to craft a seasonally appropriate outfit. During the winter, after all, we don't have to pick just one blouse; we can just stack 'em on top of one another — with a turtleneck underneath. But after many months of solving these sartorial puzzles, we deserve some vitamin D — so we must turn our mix-and-match urges elsewhere.

When it's too hot to double up on staples, it's time to double down on essentials. And there's one layer you may don day in, day out, year-round — regardless of the forecast: your bra. We found some of the prettiest, most eye-catching styles that demand to be seen (even if you're the only one admiring them), as well as lovely dresses to pair with them. It's simple fashion arithmetic — and, oh, is it fun.

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