Acne Founder Jonny Johansson Chats About Big Rings, Old Boots, and His New Gallery Girl

This just in from Stockholm Fashion Week, a chat with Jonny Johansson of Acne.
Tell us what you were thinking about with this collection…
It all started with jewelry.
The necklaces and rings are amazing.
I was with a friend in Paris having a coffee when I saw this old man wearing all these rings. I knew then that the collection would begin with jewelry. So we ended up doing a collaboration with designer Michael Zobel.
It's interesting you would show these pieces in a gallery space among all these huge incredible sculptures. There's a real architectural feel with these clothes.
Yes, definitely. The collection evolved into this sort of gallerist girl. This is an old private house and I wanted the space to be a contrast to that young girl.
I love your boots.
Thank you.
I'm very into old cowboy boots these days!
Me, too. Always!

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