The 411 On Katy Perry’s Costumes, Straight From Her Stylist

If you haven’t seen Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D, then we suggest you put on your best Cool-Whip bra (don't pretend you don't have one), shake off your bright-blue wig, pack some cupcakes, and head to the theatre, posthaste. The film itself is like being on an exhilarating amusement ride; “fun” being an immense understatement, with all this largely in part to the bursting colors, amazing sets, and fantastical pomp of Katy’s costumes. Enter: Johnny Wujek.
As Katy’s stylist, Johnny is responsible for some of her most iconic wardrobe moments and is in equal parts creative genius and super-friendly guy. If that wasn’t enough, Johnny will also be gracing our TV screens in August for the new season of America's Next Top Model, replacing Jay Manuel as creative director. We got him on the phone to find out all about his new gig, Katy’s spinning boobs, and candy-covered Speedos.

So, is Katy as amazingly fun as she seems?
"She is 20 times funner than that movie makes her look. She's just a great person — all around very generous and all about having fun with everything."

What's your favorite scene from Part Of Me, the 3D film?

"All the scenes that I'm in! [Laughs] I loved how all the performances turned out. It was so big and colorful, and loved all the fashion stuff. I loved it all because I wasn't actually on a large part of the tour and so I got to see all of it. And, I love grandma!"

Are Katy Perry's spinning boobs your masterpiece?

"Yes ma'am. We desiged a whole bunch of costumes for the first Euro leg, and we were doing a U.S. tour after that, so we were talking about making the cosumes bigger and better. It was 'how can we put a twist on things?' and that's how we came up with the mechanical spinning boobs."

What's your favorite Katy costume?

"I really, really, really love the Cool-Whip bra."

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount


How would you describe your personal style?

"Very relaxed. I'm usually a tank-top-and-jeans kind of guy. I always want to dress up, but I always end up being very casual. Every time I walk the carpet at an event like the Grammys with Katy — well with Katy, but not with Katy, fixing her trains and things — I'm always in the background with like a tank top and everyone picks on me [laughs]. So very relaxed!"


What's the staple every girl should have in their wardrobe for summer? And every guy?
"Every girl should have a cupcake bra. When we were on tour, I had them make me a Speedo out of the candy from one of Katy's costumes, but I don't think everyone can pull that off. Everyone should have a swimsuit from my buddy Matthew Zink. He makes amazing bathing suits with his label called Charlie."

How did you feel when you were asked to be creative director of ANTM?

"I've had opportunities come to me before to do reality, but with ANTM, it's the history of the show, and I'm obsessed with fashion and models. And, I love the idea of teaching and being a mentor. When the offer first came through, it was to be a judge, but it turned out it was to be the creative director, and I was so happy for that. Instead of judging, I'll be teaching these girls, working with them and being creative — I was really excited!"

Do you have a favorite contestant or season from ANTM's past?

"I don't remember what season but a good friend of mine Lisa D'Amato was on it, and she was so entertaining."

Aside from ANTM, what are you working on? What do you have coming up?

"I'm working on potentially doing some designing for a couple of different companies, and consulting. Working with some other musicians for their tour. I'm getting a lot into photography — when I first moved to L.A. I was really into photography — so I'm getting back into it."

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount

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