Like, WHOA: Joey Lawrence Bares It All, & It’s Not For A Movie Role

Okay, we’re not going to lie: When we first read this, we thought someone was pulling a fast one on us. The Blossom heartthrob (he’ll never live that down), Joey Lawrence, is hitting the stage — and not quite in the way we’d expect. Let’s just say, this is a slightly more risqué, no-holds-barred performance. He's strapping on a bowtie, stripping down, and joining the Las Vegas Chippendales gang. And just after getting us all amped with that Old Navy Blossom reunion, too! Who knew this would be his next endeavor?
According to Chippendales, Lawrence will be completely nude — “the whole nine yards,” if you will. We honestly thought this was a prank, so we headed over to trusty IMDb to peep any new, potentially stripper-themed roles. Nope, nothing lined up. So, why is Joey baring it all? We’re still scratching our heads about this one. We think this warrants a resounding "Whoa," no? (Daily News)

Photo: Via Daily News

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