The Shopping Spree Your Wardrobe's Been Waiting For — $1,500 From Joe Fresh

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Joe Fresh.
It’s summer again, folks, which means it’s time to break out all your seasonal faves: denim cutoffs, patterned sundresses, and those comfy-but-cute sandals you wore to death last year (they only get better with age). And, of course, it also calls for an inevitable shopping trip, where you’ll pick up a few new staples that’ll not only complement what you’ve already got, but also make those pieces seem sorta new again. Enter Joe Fresh, the versatile brand that’s ready to save the day and give our summer wardrobe a boost.
And, by "boost" we mean a $1,500 shopping spree. Winners will be able to pick from a variety of pretty midi- and maxi-dresses, bold animal prints, must-have white denim, versatile activewear, and more — basically, everything you might be coveting right now. All you have to do is sign up by clicking here and filling out your info. So, go ahead. Your shot at the most stylish summer yet is just a click away…
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