This Best-Selling White Top Is Anything But Basic

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Black blazer? Check. Mom jeans? Check. With each passing season you get closer and closer to crossing all of the wardrobe staples off your list. But what makes the search so difficult is that so many "basics" are, well, basic. And in the case of the white shirt, you don't want to settle for just any old version.
New York-based brand Ji Oh, however, has mastered tailoring with interesting proportion and shapes when it comes to the classic button-up — so it's no wonder her Cuff shirt is almost out of stock. Featuring a diagonal front closure (because why should it be straight up and down?) and a separated cuff, this isn't your regular top. Plus, it's made in New York City (and there's nothing not to love about that), and you can even have it monogrammed. And though it's a bit of a splurge at $360, we can almost guarantee it'll be the last white button-up you'll buy for a while.
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