Jennifer Aniston’s Shocking Phallic Snacks (And Bod!) In Upcoming Flick Horrible Bosses

Jennifer Aniston strips down to a barely-there, lacy ensemble and suggestively bites into a popsicle, a banana, and a hot dog for the upcoming comedy Horrible Bosses. The 42-year-old Aniston stars as Charlie Day's boss alongside Kevin Spacey, Jason Bateman, and SNL's Jason Sudeikis. Day, of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, is fed up with Aniston's sexual harassment and decides he wants to get rid of her forever. Meanwhile, Day's two best bro friends, Bateman and Sudeikis, are dealing with intolerable superiors of their own. With the help of an ex-con, the three men begin hatching a plan to end their bosses' lives. You'll have to wait till July 8 to see what happens. Until then, you can peep the trailer, or check out Jen's brand new Smart Water ads to keep ogling Aniston's banging bod. (JustJared)