Jason Momoa Had A Harder Time Than Any Of Us Watching That Daenerys Twist

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Warning: spoilers for the series finale of Game of Thrones ahead.
The Game of Thrones series finale has come and gone, but many fans are still fuming over the twist ending, in which Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi and the Mother of Dragons, dies before she can ever sit upon the Iron Throne and rule the Six Kingdoms (she kind of wiped out the seventh). But while fans shared dozens of memes and even circulated a petition calling for a complete reshoot, there's one notable fan who coped in another way: Jason Momoa, the once-powerful Khal Drogo, streamed all of his feelings — and plenty of profanities and disapproving grunts — on Instagram.
The hour-long stream of IG updates started out on a positive note, with Momoa thanking David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Emilia Clarke, and the rest of the crew. "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for David and Dan who made Drogo," he said, according to BuzzFeed. "I was very honored to be part of the show, and I can't believe that it's the last episode."
Things quickly went downhill from there. As soon as Jon Snow (Kit Harington) stabbed Dany in the heart, Momoa released the F-bombs. "Fuck you! Fuck you, punk," he said.
As if watching your former TV lover bleed to death wasn't enough, Momoa then had to endure a heartbreaking scene in which Drogon, his dragon namesake, tried to revitalize Dany's lifeless body before flying her out of King's Landing. It doesn't matter how stoic you are or how many troops you've killed as a fearless Dothraki leader; that scene was devastating.
So, how did Momoa feel about the aftermath, including Bran's appointment to king? Erm, not good. "Who gives a fuck?" he asked three times as Tyrion babbled on about Bran's qualifications. (Honestly, same?)
But it was Jon's life sentence serving in the Night's Watch that set Momoa off most. "Let me get this shit straight," he said to the camera. "You're going back to what the fuck you did in the first place, and you killed Khaleesi? Oh my God... I feel lost. I'm lost. What the fuck?! Drogon should have melted his ass."
Reminder: Momoa had to watch Jon sleep with his former "wife," whom he loved. Seeing that same man kill her and then not even claim the throne was probably way worse than having to eat a bucket of horse's hearts.
It might be a while before Momoa is back to his happy self. In the meantime, Benioff and Weiss should be glad Khal Drogo no longer has access to his troops — or his sharp props.

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