These Game of Thrones Finale Memes Will Help You Cope With The Show's Ending

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
On Sunday night, Game of Thrones fans across the globe reached a historic day: The end of an 8-year saga. But as the show's highly anticipated eighth season drew to a close, there were many mixed reactions.
Season 8 had a lot riding on its shoulders. After taking a one year hiatus, the final season had a lot of loose ends to tie up — and many long-time fans feel that Season , especially the season finale did not live up to expectations.
We’ve been posting Game of Thrones memes during the entire final season, but as we process the finale, we’ve compiled some of the best Game Of Thrones Season 8 finale memes on the internet. Whether you’re feeling heartbroken, angry, satisfied with how things went down or a unholy combo of all three, you've come to the right place.
Our watch has finally ended, but at least we have memes to help us process our emotions about how this show came to a close.
Ahead, our favorite memes about Game Of Thrones’ final episode: “The Iron Throne.” (Warning: The following memes could contain spoilers).
So about that nickname:
If I were Hodor, I'd be mad, too:
"Uncle, please sit" — an episode highlight:
To be fair, there were a lot of unanswered questions:
Jon and Tormund lived happily ever after:
Jon finally acknowledging Ghost was definitely a silver lining:
Many of us who have been watching from the start couldn't help but feel duped:
To be fair, there were some people who loved how things ended:
A pretty good synopsis of the entire show:
This sums things up pretty perfectly:
A lot of people aren't mincing words about how they're feeling:
Ultimately, the world may be mad at how things ended, but who knows if the writers even care:
Bran's on the throne like:
Ouch, but kind of true:

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