The Beauty Products Tokyo It Girls Swear By

Americans would be wise to take a cue or two from the Japanese. Over there, across the world from us, the people do not litter. The trains rarely ever run with delays. Gun deaths are unheard of. They clean their hands with an oshibori — what we call a wet washcloth in the States — before eating a meal. That trend never quite caught on at Applebee's, and the MTA isn't ever going to reward us with a bullet rail, but there is one thing we can easily start to implement from the culture: their beauty routines.
Ahead, three Japanese influencers living in Tokyo walk us through their favorite skin, makeup, and hair buys — all of which are available here in the good ol' U.S.A. Get ready to invest in a softener and re-think your pre-sushi routine. Then call your senator about those gun laws, goddamnit.
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