You’ll Never Guess Who This Is! (Hint: Not Kevin Federline)

This corn-rowed, microphone-holding rapper seems to take the front and center of the Florida-filmed Spring Breakers movie, which happens to include bright young things Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson. But front and center is a questionably dressed, tattooed and corn-rowed dude. Clearly he must be a cheesy emcee, right? With the iced-out grill, alien skull tattoo, and marijuana leaf necklace, we get major Kevin Federline or maybe Ninja from Die Antwoord vibes, but this is one of Hollywood's foremost hotties.
Of course, this is the master of disguise, the one star we can't seem to figure out, the only actor who might be laughing at us, not with us: Mr. James Franco. There he is, method-acting his heart out while holding a blinged-out golden microphone. The only thing that makes this more priceless is knowing that Selena and Ashley are right there, watching the auteur himself. Is this irony overload, or has Franco's K. Fed turn gone too far?

Photo: Courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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