James Franco Makes One Hot Chick On The Cover Of Candy

James Franco is known for pushing boundaries. Let's admit it—he's kind of a genius and kind of a freak. So, color us not shocked when we spotted him on the cover of Candy magazine in full-on drag, shot by Terry Richardson, natch. We're talking heavy, heavy, heavy Amanda Lepore-style makeup, a latex leather glove sexily fingering a cigarette, an oversized tuxedo jacket, and a choker with matching Chanel-ish heart earrings. It's sort of a Boy George meets Andy Warhol moment with those red lips, but the slicked back hair makes it all his own. And given the whole gay bullying thing right now, we have to applaud the move—Candy is billed as the first transversal style magazine, celebrating "cross dressing and androgyny in all manifestations." Seeing as he ran through the Louvre with a penis on his nose, we think that the inside shots will be equally subversive—a dick tuck perhaps?