9 Seriously Useful iPhone Keyboard Tricks You Should Know

Photographed by Ruby Yeh.
Thumbing out a message on our smartphones is almost second nature these days. Thanks to predictive text and autocorrect, we barely need to even look at the screen as we're typing (well, at least until the message is finished).
But there are a few things you might be doing the long way. Your keyboard has several hidden features that can help you type out messages twice as fast as you already do. And then if you download a few nifty third-party keyboards — heck, you can do almost anything, without even opening a different app.
Of course, there will be a ton of new keyboard tricks to learn once iOS 10 comes out this fall. But that's still months away. If you want to use your iPhone like a pro, read on for our nine favorite tips. Trust us, your thumbs will thank you.

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