Here’s A Dress Made Entirely Of Instagram Pics

Obviously, we're Instagram addicts. Our habit's so bad, we're considering treatment. But apparently, we haven't quite reached the danger zone yet — after peeping drag queen Ivy Winter's dress on Tuesday night, we realized rock bottom is far, far away. The lady-man attended what was billed as New York City’s First Instagram exhibition at the Living Room in the W Times Square, admittedly a genius idea. What to wear, what to wear...Instagram pics, but naturally. Winter donned a dress constructed entirely of photos from the social media site, all culled from @uptowneastnyc, one of the showcased Instagrammers at the event. While we applaud her DIY skills, we're not exactly thrilled by the Metrocard clutch, ripped stockings, oversized bow, and some face paint that could make a Kardashian blush. Isn't Instagram supposed to be all about dreamy, beautiful snaps? In this case, there is such a thing as being too crafty.

Photo: Courtesy of Think PR