Paper Hearts! We're in Love With These Valentine's Day Cards

Remember the days when you used to cut out unevenly-shaped hearts from faded red construction paper? Or dump out a cylinder's worth of glitter onto a doily? It was such an effective token! It brought a smile to your mom; it let your crush know how you felt (before you ran away in a panic). We may not be so hands-on arts and crafts-y these days (seriously, it's impossible to draw a non-lopsided heart), but that's no reason to not send a simple sweet note to the significant others you love, be it your guy, your gal, your friend, or even your grandma. Check out some of the great offerings below, without the generic Hallmark cheesiness. And get your valentine cards out now— the 14th rolls around sooner than you think.
Above, clockwise from left: We Are in This Together Screenprinted Card by Sarah Parrott, available at Etsy; Valentine Tree Card by The Craft Pantry, available at Etsy; I Like Me With You Pigs Card by Linda + Harriet, available at Linda + Harriet; You're Swell! Card by Mr. Letter's Press, available at Curiosity Shoppe Online; Lovebirds Card by Ink and Wit, available at Ink and Wit.

More love letters below.

Above, clockwise from left: Wanna Neck? Card by Egg Press, available at Egg Press; Rendez-Vous Motel Key Card by Rock Paper Scissor, available at Rock Scissor Paper; Tick One Box Card by David Shrigley, available at Polite Cards; Coffee Cups Card by Little Brown Pen, available at Etsy; Turntable Card by Rock Scissor Paper, available at Rock Scissor Paper.

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