11 End-Of-Summer Snaps Spotted In L.A

We're well acquainted with the adage the grass is always greener…, but when it comes to the weather here in L.A., we’re the first to admit our grass is pretty darn green. Yet, once a year, when the first days of September hit, and the temps are pushing triple digits, we find ourselves with a few tiny pangs of jealousy. While the rest of the country is replenishing their cozy-sweater and heavy-boot collections, we’re still sweating through our short-sleeve T's!
Lucky for us, a moment of standing under full-blast AC (or the mere mention of snow, hail, or rain) usually brings us back to our senses. We know we could never, ever trade our fall cutoffs for puffer coats, so we scoured the streets of L.A. for the best examples of how to keep cool when the temps are a-scorchin’. Now, grab yourself an ice-cream sammie and get inspired!