Watch This Subway Station Get Transformed Into A Spa

What's the difference between a subway platform in August and a sauna? Trick question — they're the same (unbearably hot) thing.
So, comedy group Improv Everywhere thought they'd cut out the extra stop and bring the spa services directly to your morning commute. The group transformed New York's 34th Street station into the 34th Street Spa. They offered towels, cold water, a misting station, and hot stone massages — all on the platform.
Though confusing at first, their presence inevitably encouraged passersby. Why stand there waiting for the train in a pool of sweat when you can enjoy a refreshing spritz from a water bottle? Why stand against the platform pillars when you can lay down covered in hot stones? The only thing missing is a glass of ice cold, cucumber-infused water.
Below, the genius way Improv Everywhere gave the summer subway the zhush it desperately needs. (Elite Daily)