15 Ikea Picks That Pull EXTRA Duty For Small Spaces

Furniture shopping becomes much more complicated when you live in a space-challenged apartment. Product dimensions are obviously a major concern for any living space, but you're also forced to be a bit pickier about versatility in a small space: The more hidden functions or storage potential an item can bring, the better.
Ikea has this type of design down to a science. The Swedish home conglomerate has a massive inventory of convertible organizers, racks, and cabinets that will fit into even the teensiest shoebox apartment. Besides pulling double duty, it's cool-looking enough to pull off whatever interior statements your home is going for. Click through for our favorite all-stars that are capable of doing a lot with very little.
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Got no room for a coat closet? This steel rack can offload some of your bulkiest outwear and hats.

Ikea KNIPPE Hat And Coat Stand, $29.99, available at Ikea
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These super adjustable shelves works for any height and can be easily converted into a drying rack.

Ikea ALGOT Wall Upright Shelves, $30, available at Ikea
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Your under-bed space is an untapped world of storage possibilities. This smart design will ensure you'll get to utilize every inch of it.

Ikea MALM Storage Bed, $499, available at Ikea
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Your living room knick knacks can all go under this coffee table, which can be easily wheeled away if you need more floor space.

Ikea LALLERÖD Coffee Table, $59, available at Ikea
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Maximize the storage potential of your walls with these cool asymmetrical shelves.

Ikea EKET Wall-Mounted Cabinet Combination, $270, available at Ikea
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Featuring a stack of colorful trays, each unit of this table offers a different depth for your storage needs.

Ikea PS 2014 Storage Table, $69, available at Ikea
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For cramped bathrooms, this water-resistant basket can be mounted as a depository for dirty laundry.

Ikea GABBIG Basket, $12.99, available at Ikea
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In small bedrooms, a standalone mirror can feel like a luxury. This mirror easily fits over your door, plus the bottom hooks will come in handy for scarves and jewelry.

Ikea GARNES Mirror, $29.99, available at Ikea
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Sometimes, your couch needs to pull double duty as a bed. For those moments, this sectional sleeper comes with extra storage room for linens.

Ikea FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional, $599, available at Ikea
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For overflowing kitchen utensils and desk accessories, this mobile utility cart is perfect.

Ikea RÅSKOG Utility Cart, $24.99, available at Ikea
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Storage cabinets don't have to be sterile-looking — these units come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Ikea LIXHULT Storage Combination, $75, available at Ikea
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Tiny apartments typically come with microscopic kitchens. This unit should help you cook more in a tight space.

Ikea SUNNERSTA Mini-Kitchen, $139, available at Ikea
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A compact shoe cabinet is necessary if your hallway real estate is scarce.

Ikea TRONES Shoe Storage Cabinet, $39.99, available at Ikea
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Even the teensiest apartment will have room for this cute foldable coffee table.

Ikea PS 2017 Coffee Table, $49.99, available at Ikea
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Items like skincare products and jewelry can take up a surprising amount of surface area when scattered about. These handmade seagrass baskets will keep them all in one place.

Ikea FRYKEN Box With Lid, $9.99, available at Ikea
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