How To Travel Like You’re In The Movies

Never underestimate the power of great luggage. Where would Mary Poppins be without her magic bag? And, let's not pretend we didn't lust after monogrammed, safari-print luggage after seeing the Whitman brothers board the Darjeeling Limited and traverse India with theirs. Perhaps it's not about escaping to the movies after all; it's about escaping like you're in the movies.
Granted, we don't all have Marc Jacobs on speed dial, or a budget to employ Miuccia, but that's never stopped us before, and we're not going to let it stop us now. Thanks to people like Wes Anderson superfan Alberto Favaretto, designer Timothy Oulton, and the Pan Am Historical Foundation, you can now make the world your runway.
Ahead, we show you how to give Bond a run for his money, get accepted to Gryffindor, and embrace your inner teddy bear. Or, if you just want to live stylishly out of a suitcase, we've got that covered, too. If it's good enough for Miss Golightly, it's good enough for us.

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