The Date Where I Proposed To My Partner

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We met in 2015, at an event for a mutual friend who was shaving her head for charity. I was there to support her and he was there to film it. We’ve been together ever since.
Last October, while drunk on the dance floor with a friend, I decided that I wanted to propose to him. He was away on a work trip, so I had a week and a half to organize it. Hungover on the sofa the following morning, I started putting together my plan, and ordered a ring in the shape of a bear. I wanted something personal and my nickname for him is 'bear', because he’s brown, hairy and cuddly.
Unfortunately, on the day of the proposal, he was in a grumpy mood and to make matters worse, I was so nervous that I ended up being late to meet him. We’d organized to take a walk up to Hampstead Heath in London, a special spot for him — it's where he celebrates his birthday every year.
As we were walking, I desperately tried to turn his mood around, while silently hoping that it wouldn’t start raining (I’d been frantically checking the weather for days). As we got to the top, with its beautiful view of London, his mood finally improved. There was a couple next to us smoking weed — truly romantic.

I had the ring in my pocket and my raincoat on. I went down on one knee and said: 'I love our life together...will you marry me?'

I had the ring in my pocket and my raincoat on. I went down on one knee and said: "I love our life together and want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?"
His reply? "I was supposed to do this!" As it turns out, the night before he had been on the phone to his best mate, asking for advice on how to propose to me.
I stayed silent until he realized that I was waiting for an answer. It was yes! Double yes! As we kissed, hugged and I cried, the rain that I’d been dreading started pouring down. We walked to a nearby pub where we rang our family and friends to tell them the good news.
We’ve had such a positive response and no one is surprised that I was the one to propose. Both he and I have embraced it – he loves telling people our story and showing off his special bear ring.
We’re getting married this autumn!

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