15 People On How Their First High Felt

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They say you never forget your first time, though in the case of your first high it'd be perfectly understandable if you did. Maybe you had a giggling fit. Maybe you got really absorbed in petting the carpet. Maybe you just kicked back and watched Samsara. Whatever you were doing the first time you got stoned, you probably look back on that time and laugh (or face palm, depending on how into the carpet you were).
In honor of 4/20, we asked the R29 community to share memories of their first high. Luckily, more than a few readers sent in toking tales with impressive details. With stories of not knowing how to light a bowl, lighting up a massive blunt, and plain old smoking a joint in the suburbs, they did not disappoint.
Read on for some of the funniest stories we received — then share your own in the comments.
(Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws.)
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I never partook. Then it became a point of pride.

Name: Kelsey
Age now: 25
Age at first high: 24

"My hometown is known for being full of stoners, but in high school I was a wuss and refused to even drink until the very end, so I never partook. Then it became a point of pride. But, when my friends came to visit for my 24th b-day, they brought me two blunts, and we smoked them while leaning out the window of my Washington Heights apartment. I was drunk then, so the high only made me feel more drunk, and then sleepy."
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It was miserable (but a funny story now).

Name: Ax
Age now: 49
Age at first high: 12 or 13

"I was alone, it was a massive joint, and I started seriously hallucinating. When my vision started to glitch out I took Tylenol, then stuck my head under a faucet, then marched around my house for a while thinking I was in The Wizard of Oz. It was miserable (but a funny story now). I wouldn't touch pot for years afterward, and every time I smelled it I had flashbacks."
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We ate a whole box of cookies.

Name: JP
Age now: 25
Age at first high: 15

"My sister, her boyfriend, and I smoked a pipe sitting on our driveway. It was probably the only time I ever got the giggles so crazy. We ate a whole box of cookies and watched the hockey game."
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I definitely was not high. But I thought I was.

Name: Sarah
Age now: 24
Age at first high: 16

"It was a high school sleepover with about seven or eight of my girlfriends. We were at my friend Robin's house because she had a huge basement, sliding back door for easy exit, and woods in her backyard to hide in while we smoked. We had one small joint for the whole group, meaning we each basically got barely one or two hits. Looking back, I definitely was not high. But, I thought I was. We all giggled the entire night and made ice cream sundaes. It was kinda nice for the first time to be with people I knew and trusted. Even though I wasn't really high my first time, it helped me be a lot more chill when I started to smoke more."
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It felt like a secret club.

Name: Annie
Age now: 22
Age at first high: 14

"[We were in] a park after dark — go figure! My then-best friend and I were with three boys who were in the grade above us, whom both my friend and I had massive crushes on. We were trying to play it cool, but neither of us had touched weed in our lives. Sweet freshmen [who were] oblivious, but giddy these sophomores thought we were cool enough to smoke weed with them. It felt like a secret club that none of our other girlfriends had been initiated into yet. I remember sitting on the playground in the park laughing and trying to impress these boys while also not embarrassing myself. Could not light the bowl without assistance no matter how many times I tried. It was a scene out of a terrible coming of age film, honestly."
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Nothing had ever tasted that good.

Name: Chris
Age now: 35
Age at first high: 14

"Hanging out with the neighborhood troublemakers, smoked out of a can in these orchards between school and our neighborhood. I had smoked a few times but never felt it; so after a few bowls of what I'd learn was schwag, we walked to a doughnut shop. I remember I was normal, then while drinking lemonade through a straw, [I] noticed how nothing had ever tasted that good. I looked up, and knew I was high."
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Who smokes a blunt their first time!?

Name: C
Age now: 25
Age at first high: 15

"This is so suburban: I smoked a blunt with my then-boyfriend and his friend in a cul-de-sac before this big fair in my town. They had rides, games, and such. I remember going up to a friend of mine at the fair and she was like, 'Are you drunk?' I said, 'Nope! I'm high!' I remember thinking that weed tastes gross — 'cause who smokes a blunt their first time!?"
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We smoked a four-foot-long blunt.

Name: Kiki
Age now: 26
Age at first high: 20

"[It was] 4/20/2011. Attended a party where we smoked a four-foot-long blunt. Pointed at a dude with a fancy design on his shirt and said, 'It's a pig with tits.' He was too high to understand that I was complimenting his cool shirt. He thought I called him a pig with tits. Sorry, buddy."
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I realized how amazing the carpet felt.

Name: J
Age now: 28
Age at first high: 25

"I was at my then-boyfriend's apartment. I ate a gummy and then decided to add a hit in as well. After coughing for like 20 minutes straight, I realized how amazing the carpet felt and started rubbing my feet on it until I convinced myself there were bees in the apartment. Then we had sex."
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I haven’t eaten an edible since.

Name: Mandy
Age now: 24
Age at first high: 18

"It was my first quarter in college and a new friend offered me an edible. Being the new college kid I was, I decided to take a nibble of the cookie. It was Sunday a.m. and I had work later that evening at the school’s newspaper. The rest of the day is a blur of everything being hilarious alternating with me throwing up for hours. I made it into work that night, but proceeded to fall asleep at my keyboard halfway through my shift. Good news: I didn’t get fired. Bad news: I haven’t eaten an edible since.
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I accidentally blew all of the weed onto the ground.

Name: Maddie
Age now: 22
Age at first high: 17

"After much convincing, my three friends and I went behind the woods of one of the guys' houses. When it was my turn to take a hit, they made me laugh right as I put my mouth on the pipe, and I accidentally blew all of the weed onto the ground. I had anxiety the whole time that we were gonna get caught."
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I was really worried about doing it wrong.

Name: Jessica
Age now: 25
Age at first high: 19

"I was an exchange student in Sweden when I tried weed for the first time. The people I smoked (a mix of Swedes and other exchange students) with were shocked that, as a native Californian, I had never tried weed before. We were sitting out on the balcony of the student apartments at night using a bong. I was really worried about doing it wrong and someone else had to light the bowl for me because I’m afraid of lighters. I can’t even remember if I felt a high, but I do remember someone advising me to try to hold it in while saying the word 'taxi.' It didn’t work for me, and I ended up coughing a lot after that."
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I bought a tiny dime bag from my neighbor in the girls' bathroom.

Name: Lindsay
Age now: 24
Age at first high: 15

"My two friends had started smoking earlier that year, so we had planned a day after school where they would show me the ropes. We were all sophomores in high school and had zero weed connects. I bought a tiny dime bag from my neighbor in the girls' bathroom. We all went to my friend's house one Friday after school. Her parents didn’t get home until late on Fridays so we knew we had plenty of time. We didn’t have any smoking apparatus so we cut a plastic water bottle and fashioned it into a bowl. We then walked a mile into the woods so her neighbors wouldn't see us and smoked some damn weed. They told me I probably wasn’t going to get high my first time — and they were right. I didn’t feel a goddamn thing and the two of them were all giggles and munchies. It actually took me a few tries before I really was able to experience a good high. Buying an actual bowl probably helped instead of jerry-rigging a plastic water bottle."
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We had planned to lose our 'weed virginity' together.

Name: Angie
Age now: 21
Age at first high: 14

"The first time I got high was with my best friend and older brother. She was visiting me on vacation and we had planned to lose our 'weed virginity' together. So my brother (who was a total stoner) offered to smoke us out when our parents went to sleep. We smoked out of a glass pipe and blew the smoke out the window so as not to leave a smell. We thought we were being quiet, but in retrospect we were soooooo giggly. Then my friend suggested we go on a night walk around my (very safe) neighborhood. We had such a good time running through sprinklers and climbing all over the neighborhood playground. Afterwards, we got the munchies and returned home to eat an ice cream feast. My mom heard us and came to the kitchen to see what we were still doing up. We were laughing so hard, she just rolled her eyes and went back to bed. We thought we really pulled one over on her. Years later, I found out she knew we were high and just didn't say anything!"
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I proceeded to eat 12 strawberry pop tarts.

Name: Emily
Age now: 24
Age at first high: 16

"Summer after sophomore year, my friend invited me to hangout and listen to our guy friend's bad DJ mashups. I was always on the fence about smoking weed, but after they started ripping a few bong hits, I decided now was as good a time as any to try. One hit of the bong was all it took. I sat there silently for what seemed to be hours. They say I “came to” about 20 minutes later. I had what felt like a complete out of body experience. It was as if, after taking the hit, my soul just stood up, walked out, and started going home. I proceeded to eat 12 strawberry pop tarts, while trying to interpret the deeper meaning behind SpongeBob SquarePants.

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