14 Reasons NYC Is The Best Place On Earth

New York City is almost a mythological place — especially to those newbies who arrive daily with dreams making it big. It's a town that's played muse to countless filmmakers, musicians, designers, start-ups, business moguls, and more. Somehow, though, after living here for years, the luster tends to fade. You must know what we mean. Suddenly, the traffic isn't a reminder of your anonymity, it's an annoyance that keeps you up at night. Those $1 slices you once loved for their price (and grease) are now just unappetizing reminders of how tough it can be to actually make it here.
At times like these, it's important to renew your allegiance to the Big Apple. We've done just that by taking some time to remember all the things we love about this crazy city. We know that despite the stress (humid subway cars, the skyrocketing real-estate market, the never-ending hordes of tourists), we're tried-and-true New Yorkers at heart, and we wouldn't dream of leaving all this behind. Okay, we might dream of it, then maybe do it, then regret it immediately, and come running back to that same old block. Because once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.
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