Freebie Alert: Get Your Hands On The Hunger Games Nail Polish!

The Hunger Games craze has totally gotten completely out of hand – even Liz Lemon is fantasizing about Peeta Mellark (not that we can blame her) and advance tickets went on sale this week, a full month before the movie premieres! We’re afraid it’s going to turn into a mini version of the Games, just to get to the theater.
But none of that is going to compare to what happens when China Glaze’s rad Capitol Colours nail polishes hits shelves next week (well okay, maybe that part about chaos at that actual midnight screening...). Those dreams of nails as badass as Katniss's "girl on fire" opening ceremonies dress are about to become a reality – but why fight the teeming masses to snag your dream polishes?
Enter our giveaway instead: China Glaze is giving three of you lucky tributes – uh, R29 readers – the complete twelve-piece collection! Tell us in the comments which polishes you would use to create an homage to The Hunger Games, for your chance to win. The contest ends on March 2, 2012. Open to our readers in the US only. We hope the odds are ever in your favor, because this is contest is to die for.
Image Via: China Glaze

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