The Petite Girl’s Guide To Wearing Oversized Clothing

Photographed by Leonn Ward.
I'm short. I don't think about it often, but other people have a habit of mentioning it. In fact, I'm quite sure that in my absence, I'm constantly referred to as "that small one." Yes, I'd like longer legs. No, I don't like having pictures taken with my tall friends. But in general, I'm cool with it; 5-foot-2 is just fine.
Fashion used to be so prescriptive, didn't it? We all got used to irritating statements like, "If you're pear-shaped, try a high waist," and, "If you have big boobs, don't you dare think about wearing a high-neck top." Thankfully, in 2016, people (and clothing) have loosed up.
As a tiny person, I like nothing more than an extra-large item, like a pair of jeans that covers up my sneakers or a giant hoodie. If left unmonitored, I start to resemble my twin brother circa 2005. Big, long, comfy, and loose-fitting pretty much sums up my style — all things typically associated with looking and feeling "sloppy."
But I like to think there's room for an amount of "disorganized-togetherness," as I'm now calling it; a way to walk into a meeting with your hems-a-dragging and shirt half-tucked while still feeling like business. Extra-long tailoring, asymmetric cuts, and sportswear-as-workwear has never been more acceptable — or polished. And even if you stand under 5-foot-5, it is possible to wear big stuff and still look good. Shorties, unite (and click ahead to see how).

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