7 Cool Ways To Wear Your Lingerie In Public

If you've ever been nervous about public speaking, someone may have advised you to picture the audience in their underwear. Today, whether you've noticed or not, you're probably encountering a similar image IRL — out on the streets, on the runway, or maybe even at work. (We swear on a new Chanel bag, we're not messing with you.) Underwear as outerwear is a bona fide fashion trend. And yes, now that you ask, we did layer our bra over our blouse. How good of you to notice.
No longer content to play a supporting role in our closet, lingerie is making its way to the main stage for fall — panties, bralets, slips, and more. You're probably wondering how on earth this trend translates into real life. Valid query, friends.
Good thing we have all the styling tricks (seven in total) you'll need to nail the look. So, if you've been meaning to find a non-gym use for your sports bra — or if you really think your silk robe has what it takes to head outside your apartment — this one's for you. Ahead, cool-girl tricks to showing off your intimates without feeling over-exposed.