5 Ways To Show Off Your Bralettes In The Best Way Possible

Underwear is supposed to be worn under your clothing, right? While that's not necessarily wrong, it's certainly not the only way, especially when we're talking bralettes. These days, with seemingly endless options at your fingertips, what's the point of wearing one if you're not showing it off?
This season's bright hues, sexy cut-outs, and dainty details demand to be seen, and that can't always happen when you're wearing them underneath a shirt or sweater. That's why, this spring, it's time to switch things up and let your bralette be the focal point of your look — which might mean wearing it over your top, under something sheer, or peeking out where you might not expect it. Click on to see how it's done, and know that whatever way you choose to rock yours, it's definitely going to get noticed.

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