How To Take Your Gym Look To The Office

One of our biggest morning workout gripes (you know, besides that 6:30 a.m. alarm) is that there's a truly annoying amount of pre-planning and packing to deal with. Between keeping our 9-to-5 wares wrinkle-free in our gym bag, not forgetting our jewelry and makeup, and fighting for mirror space to flat-iron our hair, staying motivated isn't easy. So to cut down on those oh-so-pesky details and make the dumbbells-to-desk switch a breeze, we're taking on transitional athletic attire with Infiniti.

Whether you're fresh from barre class or finishing up a private tennis lesson, we'll show you how to plan an office-friendly outfit around what you've worn to exercise (think: a dance unitard or sleek sneaks). All you need are a few key essentials to polish up each piece — along with some clever styling tricks — and your workout wares suddenly become one less item you need to worry about packing up. Run along, now.

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