5 Before & After Photos To Show The Power Of This Styling Trick

Photographed by Courtney Yates.
While you're more likely to see me with my top tucked in than not, this isn't the case for everyone — to some, tucking in a shirt can bring back unpleasant memories of a private school uniform, past waitressing days, or Steve Urkel from Family Matters. But, there are a few game-changing (yet still simple) ways to tuck in your top without feeling awkward.
Tucking is one of those styling tricks so many people overlook, even though it can totally transform a wide variety of outfits. Plus, being on the petite side, I've found that pairing high-waisted silhouettes with a tucked-in top is one of the easiest ways to look (and feel) polished, refined, and like I put a little extra effort in (and there's nothing not to love about that, especially on rushed mornings).
To convince you that tucking is the way to go, I've put five different strategies to the test. Click through to find the one that works best with your favorite pieces. After seeing these tees and button-ups in new light, I bet you'll never want to let your hems hang loose again.

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