How To Thrift Like A Fashion Person

We here at R29 are major proponents of thrifting — no surprise there, though, right? Not that we don't love a good high-street haul, but there's just an undefinable thrill that comes with uncovering an embellished vest from the '80s or stumbling upon a pair of '90s Pradas hidden under a pile of dusty steppers.
But, we get that not everyone shares our love of carefully used wares. So, to impress and inspire a new crop of thrifters, we tapped two vintage aficionados — and self-described "style soulmates" — to demonstrate how it's done: our editor-in-chief Christene Barberich and stylist Dree Harper. The power duo set out for a weekend of thrifting on Long Island, and we tagged along for the ride in their Ford Fusion.
Ahead, the two share their well-curated tips on searching for the perfect vintage goods. Click through to see Barberich and Harper's shopping game plan, and learn the tricks of the trade to find your own killer pieces that are cool circa now.